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Electrolysis hair removal for both men and women

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Are you looking for a safe and permanent solution to get soft and hair-free skin? Electrolysis hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. Here is what our skin expert team in Reading wants you to know about electrolysis.

Having beautiful and healthy hair is one of the key factors when creating a stunning look and a lasting impression. But the situation looks very differently when it comes to hair on other body parts: excessive hair growth on body parts like the chin or the upper lip poses a big problem for people who suffer from it. All men and women suffering from unwanted body hair seem to have the same goal: to remove unwanted body hair permanently – without having to endure a lot of pain, negative side effects or having to overspend.

Our Reading electrolysis hair removal specialists can help you get there.

And as opposed to other hair removal techniques, electrolysis is a permanent solution.  It was developed over 100 years ago, and has been showing exceptional results ever since.

Our skincare specialists at Get Laser in Reading will help you remove unwanted hair on following areas:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini line
  • Underarms

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Face

How Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Work?

Electrolysis permanently removes the hair as well as the follicle which produces the hair. An important difference between electrolysis and other hair removal techniques is that electrolysis involves no harmful substances whatsoever and that the treatment itself takes a little longer, as each hair is treated individually.

During the electrolysis hair removal treatment, a sterile and fine probe is inserted into the skin, i.e. into the hair follicle which is responsible for producing that particular hair. Then, a low-level electrical energy pulse (and in some electrolysis treatment techniques, it is combined with galvanic current) is induced and then destroys the root of the individual hair. The hair falls out, which is then repeated with each hair individually.

Hair follicles which have been treated with electrolysis can no longer grow hair. The treated hair will be completely and permanently gone on completion of the course of the electrolysis treatment. Electrolysis removes the hair, the hair follicle that produces the hair and all your hair-related problems!

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What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth?

There are many reasons as to why some people develop unwanted hair growth on some parts of their body or even on the entire body.

Some common reasons of unwanted hair growth include:

  • Hormonal imbalance – certain conditions lead to the overproduction of male hormones, which can be responsible for excessive hair growth;
  • Genetic reasons – if excessive hair growth runs in your family, you are prone to having unwanted body and facial hair as well;
  • Medication – certain drugs can cause hair of different areas of the body to grow.

Read on to find out why electrolysis is a great solution to your hairy problem!

Laser vs. Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments

The main differences between electrolysis and laser treatment is the technique itself, as well as the approach.

As opposed to electrolysis, where the hair follicle is destroyed by inserting a tiny needle into the skin and sending small amounts of electric energy to the hair follicle, lasers treat (usually larger skin areas) with a laser beam which heats and burns the hair’s melanin, after which it no longer produces hair.

Both hair removal techniques can only be successful if performed by a licensed and experienced skin expert. This is the only way to avoid scarring, pigmentation changes or unsatisfying treatment results with a large number of unwanted hair left.

Another difference between those two – both very successful and popular – hair removal techniques is that laser treatments may require some additional treatment if and when the hair grows back, which cannot be foreseen. Electrolysis is fully permanent – no maintenance, no additional treatment will be required. Once you have completed a certain amount of treatments, you will be hair-free for good.

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Which Areas Can Be Treated With Electrolysis?

One of the many benefits of electrolysis is that almost all areas of the body can be treated and turned into soft and hair-free zones. As opposed to hair removal treatments with lasers, it is possible to treat the upper facial area as well: by choosing electrolysis, you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair between your eyebrows or to remove unwanted hair around your eyebrows for good – a task which otherwise has to be repeated all couple of days.

Areas that women frequently choose to treat with electrolysis are facial areas, such as the cheeks, the neck, the top lip and the neck. Apart from that, arms, legs, fingers, toes and the bikini line are also often chosen for a permanent hair removal in our Reading skin clinic.

More and more men choose to invest in electrolysis hair removal treatments in order to obtain a permanent solution. In contrast to waxing or shaving, electrolysis does not have to be repeated once all treatments have been completed.


Which Types of Electrolysis Are There and Which One Is the Best for Me?

There are different types of electrolysis, whose methods differ depending on the conductors which are used to transfer the heat energy.

All the treatments are based on small high-temperature needles which destroy the follicle of the hair. What can vary is the conductor that is used during the procedure.

Here is what you need to know about the different electrolysis types used for permanent hair removal for men and women and which you can make use of at our premium hair removal clinic in Reading.

  • During Galvanic Electrolysis, chemicals are used as conductors. The electrical current transmitted will interact with certain substances which are found in each hair follicle. As a result, sodium hydroxide is produced. When it is heated up, the hair follicle is permanently destroyed.
  • The conductor used for Thermolysis is water. Thereby, the needle transmits current which causes the follicle of the hair to vibrate, and the water molecules around the follicle heat up and destroy the individual follicles.

The risks that are associated with electrolysis are mostly temporary. Schedule an appointment with one of our electrolysis specialists at our hair removal clinic in Reading to find out more about the details of permanent hair removal treatments.

How Many Treatments Will I Need Until I Am Hair-free?

The exact number of treatments that has to be performed until a specific area is fully hair-free varies from person to person and depends on the density of the hair grow. No client has the same number of hairs – some skin areas may hold 50 hairs in some people, while others have several hundred hairs in the same area, as they are less spaced out.It is therefore difficult to predict how long your treatments will take and how many of them you will need in order to be completely free of any unwanted hair.

Other things that can affect the number of electrolysis treatments include:

  • Hair growth cycles – there are different growth stages, and all of the hairs have to be caught at a specific stage, which makes it necessary to come in several times;
  • The thickness of the hair that is being treated;
  • Hormone imbalances which lead to lower success rates;
  • Sensitive and/or skin which requires special treatment.

Electrolysis hair removal treatments usually show slower results than lasers: you will probably have to have regular treatments during at least one year in order to be completely hair-free. But as opposed to lasers, the hair cannot grow back after 5 or 15 years.

Before microdermabrasionAfter effects of laser hair removal

The actual duration of the electrolysis treatment depends on how big the area is which is being treated. Some treatments can take as little as 10 minutes, while others last up to one hour.

Popular areas that men choose to treat are the area around the ears, the top of the back, the edges and lines of the beard or

the upper part of the arms. The growing number of male customers proves that a significant number of men in the UK are convinced by the great results that electrolysis hair removal offers.

The transgender community can also benefit from the great opportunities that electrolysis has to offer as one of the best permanent hair removal solutions. They can benefit from beard removals, chest hair removals, genital hair removal, and many more.

Not only does electrolysis offer the possibility to remove hair permanently and have soft and hair-free skin, it also helps you get rid of painful and ugly ingrown hairs. Electrolysis solves all of these hairy problems for good!

Why Choose Electrolysis Hair Removal and Why Our Reading Skin Experts Recommend It

If performed by specialists, electrolysis can offer truly amazing results. Electrolysis is safe and offers fully permanent results if performed properly, and you will not have to do additional treatments after a few months or years.Aside from that, the British Medical Association has named electrolysis as the only medically approved type of permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis can be performed successfully on every skin tone and any hair type, which is a big plus for people who have been having difficulties obtaining visible results with laser treatments due to thin or light hair, or dark skin.Also, it is possible to treat almost all body areas with electrolysis, including the eyebrows, which cannot be treated during lasers hair removal procedures.

The side effects usually go away within a short period of time and can include a slight reddening of the skin after the treatment. If performed by a professional, electrolysis is very safe and extremely effective.

Take a look at the prices of Electrolysis Hair Removal Service of Get Laser in Reading.

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